You’ve seen countless race photos of the some of the fastest machines on the planet fighting for that last inch of the track. You tell yourself next time you go to a race, you’ll bring a camera and come back home with pictures just like those. But how?

1) Get a Digital Single Lens Reflex - DSLR
The key features that come into play is a high frames per second shooting mode, high-speed auto focus, and near-absence of shutter lag. The faster the above the better.

2) Know the Track Unless you’ve been to the track numerous times, it’s important to explore the track as best as you can to scope out good potential spots to shoot from. If you have never been to a racetrack before at all, it’s easy to get caught off guard by just how huge a track can be.

The pictures below were taken with a DSLR. Knowing your camera allows you to capture clean, sharp photos such as the pictures of motorcycles below. Great bike pics and scooter pictures also


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