Safety inspections

Motorcycle Empire Sydney is an authorised motorcycle inspection station. Provision of motorbike checks, inspections and advice on how to attain pink slips and blue slips is one of our specialities. Or perhaps you have found a bike that you want to buy or have just bought from elsewhere – we can inspect it for you and give you our take on it's safety and value.

Motorcycle Inspections
Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will inspect your motorcycle for you. Whether you are seeking a pink slip or a blue slip, or whether you are just unsure what an unfamiliar noise is, we can help you out.  We will inspect your motorcycle and ensure that it is considered roadworthy and safe for you to operate and ride.

Mobile Bike Mechanic
If your bike cannot be brought to us, then we will go to it. Even if you aren't buying one of our motorcycles, we want to make sure that you don't regret your buying decision. Our mobile mechanic can be booked to inspect your motorcycle on site.

If you are buying a used motorbike or scooter, we can meet you at the vendors address.We will scrutinise the motorbike to discover any problems that the purchaser should be aware of. Our opinion on whether a price is in line with market value will be given.

Here is a list of what we will include in our inspection:

  • maintenance history
  • engine/gearbox
  • frame
  • suspension
  • steering
  • brakes
  • wheels and tyres
  • lights and indicators
  • cosmetics including any drop or collision damage
  • a summary of any immediate or future costs that are apparent
  • verdict on whether the motorcycle is a good buy or not

Our mobile bike mechanic can also help you out by giving the bike a test ride to listen for any problems and test out safety components such as lights and brakes.


Safety Helmet
Here at Motorcycle Empire we are keen on Motorcycle safety and enjoyment. If you are in ownership of a helmet that you need to be inspected, we will check it out for you so that you can feel confident it is going provide you with the protection that you need, when you need it.

We prefer our safety inspections to be booked in advance. This enables us to be able to help more people and give our customers the time and attention that they deserve.  To book an appointment for a standard inspection or even to use the services of our mobile mechanic, call us on 9569 9090. Book in today for your Motorcycle Inspection.